2020 has been a special year with the virus that has had great impact on all cultural events, and of course on our festival "Swing à Mirepoix".

We have been obliged to cancel the 2020th edition and we decided to report it fully to 2021. Unluckily the virus hasn’t dissapeared and we have taken the decision to shorten the next edition. So for 2021, the Festival will take place exceptionnally during 2 days instead of 3. Sunday 4th and Monday 5th of April. The program will be the same as the one organized for 2020 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Swing à Mirepoix.

On Sunday you will be able to enjoy the evening with Kyle Eastwood as well as the big orchestra Swing Ambassadors who invites Susana Sheiman for the first part of the show.

The Off festival, as usual will be for free and will be open for all, music lovers and dancers.

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